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        Dispensing Controller

        Dispensing ControllerKDC

        Ultra-precision fine glue control, suitable for occasions with extremely high requirements on dispensing precision
        • Features and Advantages
        • Application Fields
        • Process Difficulties
        • Special Functions

        fangHelping the semiconductor and precision electronic component manufacturing equipment to realize time precision and productivity jump,

        realize real-time feedback and compensation of pressure changes, realize fast-paced, highly-stable and ultra-fine dispensing;

        simple operation and easy maintenance, and rich supporting components and process solutions

        • VCM
        • Semiconductor chip Die Bond
        • Conductive silver paste for mobile phone screen and 3D touch lowviscosity UV glue
        • AA process in the CCM industry
        • MEMS solder paste
        • Lens industry
        • Chip inductor

        fangFor such process applications as semiconductor chip packaging and MEMS in which solder paste/silver paste is used to achieve conductive connection, common valves have problems such as low efficiency or high maintenance costs for consumables. Especially, mainstream 5# and 6# solder pastes are spotted, and the solder balls are easily broken by shock and thus block the nozzle.

        fangWhen a conventional pneumatic dispensing controller is used in the above process applications, its slow output pressure response and low pressure stability, etc. lead to relatively poor dispensing consistency.

        fangThe KDC series controller with high-precision needles can perfectly solve the above problems.

        fangAutomatic Level Compensation

            The deviation of glue amount caused by the level difference is eliminated, realizing stable dispensing and reducing poor production process.

        fangAutomatic Negative Pressure Compensation

            The automatic suction pressure control can effectively prevent glue dripping and help eliminate bubbles to ensure stable dispensing.

        fangAutomatic Remaining Amount Warning

            By accurately detecting the remaining glue amount in the bucket and comparing it with the set threshold, you are reminded to replace the glue bucket in time to prevent glue shortage.

        Piezoelectric Jetting System

        Piezoelectric Jetting SystemPJS

        It can be widely used for non-contact dispensing operations in such fields as semiconductor packaging and mobile electronic equipment assembly. It can be used with dispensing machines or automatic production lines to achieve high-speed continuous and long-term production and greatly reduce customer costs.
        • Features and Advantages
        • Application Fields
        • Typical Applications

        fangWith nozzle calibration function, the nozzle sleeve can be replaced within 1 minute, and the glue amount accuracy can be controlled within ±2% (depending on different glues).

        fangThe nozzle and tappet structure design is more optimized; in combination with smooth trapezoidal wave control technology, the glue scattering rate is <0.5% to achieve good bubble control.

        fangWith unique structure and control design, the minimum dispensing diameter of 0.2mm can be achieved, dispensing can be done in a narrow gap of 0.1mm, and the minimum dot volume can be up to 0.5nL.

        fangThe parameters can be quantified and the adjustment is simple and convenient,so that it can be used widely.

        fangIt can be integrated with various dispensing systems to achieve high output and high consistency.

        fangWith modular design, special glue such as anaerobic glue and hot melt glue can be jetted after corresponding modules are replaced or added.

        fangConsumables and usage costs can be reduced effectively.

        • Acoustics
        • Semiconductor
        • Medical
        • Optics
        • Automotive electronics
        • New energy battery
        • Flexible circuit board
        • Display screen, etc
        • Wafer level packaging
        • Ball grid array (FC BGA) and chip scale packaging (FC CSP) underfill
        • Corner and edge connection
        • Compact camera module (CCM)
        • Package on Package (PoP) underfill
        • Dam & fill
        • Flip chip (FC ) underfill
        • Micro speaker and micro receiver
        • Surface mount
        • Conductive epoxy resin
        • Voice coil motor (VCM) and vibration motor
        • High-density printed circuit board (PCB) underfill
        Precision Transistor Power Supply

        Precision Transistor Power SupplyJMS1000A/B

        Meeting the requirements on precise welding energy control in the precision electronic assembly, and suitable for applications such as small pads, thin plating, substrates with poor temperature resistance and FPC soft substrates
        • Features and Advantages

        fangClosed loop feedback control to improve the consistency of welded products

        fangShort, fast and stable discharge control cycle, effective prevention of burns around the pad, and supporting standard MODBUS-RTU data communication

        Precision Micro-Pressure Head

        Precision Micro-Pressure HeadMF280R

        Meeting the requirements on precise welding pressure control in the precision electronic assembly, and suitable for applications such as enameled wire welding, hot riveting of positioning column and thin sheet metal welding
        • Features and Advantages

        fangMicro pressure control, precise adjustment and stable pressure.

        fangTo check and record each welding pressure, and give an alarm when the pressure limit is exceeded.

        fangCompact and lightweight, able to be flexibly integrated in automated production lines.

        fangSupporting standard MODBUS-RTU data communication.

        Two-Component Screw Valve

        Two-Component Screw ValveKDP0900

        KDP0900 is a precision volumetric metering two-component valve, which is suitable for applications in which precise control of two-component mixing ratio is required, and can handle various kinds of two-component structural glue.
        • Features and Advantages

        fangThe conveying flow of the fluid is constant, and is not affected by viscosity or level changes of the fluid, ensuring accurate quantitative output.

        fangWith volumetric screw rotation conveying, most of low-, medium- and high-viscosity glue can be handled.

        fangThe glue height is automatically detected to give an alarm and carry out compensation when the limit is exceed, and the mixing ratio is controlled stably.

        fangSupporting standard MODBUS-RTU data communication.

        fangThe liquid cooling system reduces the temperature in the mixing tube to extend the open time after the glue is mixed.

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