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        Wafer-Level Dispensing System

        Wafer-Level Dispensing SystemSS100

        SS100 is a high-stability and high-precision dispensing system integrating wafer automatic loading & unloading functions, which is developed based on the Underfill process requirements of RDL First WLP.
        Integrating functions of wafer automatic loading & unloading and wafer-level dispensing, the system can automatically realize such functions as wafer handling, alignment, preheating, operation heating, dispensing, and heat dissipation. It is compatible with international semiconductor communication protocols, and equipped with AMHS automatic loading & unloading robot interfaces, meeting the information management requirements and unmanned management trends.
        • System Composition
        • Operation Flow
        • Features and Advantages
        • Application Fields
        • fangGS600SWA wafer-level dispensing machine x 2

          fangGS600SWB wafer-level dispensing machine x 2

        • fangPC100 wafer loading & unloading machine x 1


        • fangFloor Space

              WxDxH : 3200x 4000x 2200mm


        fangSupporting 12-inch wafer dispensing.

        fangDustproof level 10, meeting the environmental requirements of wafer level packaging.

        fangHigh ESD standard, above IEC and ANSI standards.

        fangIn the whole process of wafer turnover and operation, the temperature is finely controlled and automatically corrected to meet the CUF process needs while ensuring the product safety.

        fangThe whole-process video monitoring facilitates product turnover, operation process observation, and problem tracing and analysis.

        • RDL First WLP
        • CUF application
        Underfill Dispensing Machine

        Underfill Dispensing MachineGS600SU

        GS600SU is a high-speed and high-precision automatic online dispensing system, which is developed based on the Underfill process requirements of FCBGA/FCCSP.
        The system strictly controls the product and adhesive temperature, and intelligently sorts the product operation sequence and the glue replenishing time, reducing the generation of voids and ensuring the operation yield. Meanwhile,it is compatible with the international semiconductor communication protocols, meeting the information management requirements.
        • Application Fields
        • Special Process Modules
        • FCBGA packaging
        • CUF application
        • FCCSP packaging
        • CUF application
        • SiP packaging
        • CUF application
        • CUF Special Piezoelectric Jetting System

          CUF Special Piezoelectric Jetting System

          Adhesive insulation + piezoelectric ceramic temperature closed-loop control to avoid system instability caused by temperature influence

        • Triple Low-Level Alarm

          Triple Low-Level Alarm

          Capacitive detection + magnetic detection + system weighing to avoid poor operation caused by lack of glue

        • Vacuum Adsorption Heating Fixture

          Vacuum Adsorption Heating Fixture

          The temperature difference of the whole surface of the fixture is ≤ ±1.5°C, and the temperature is monitored and compensated in real time to avoid poor operation caused by product temperature variation during operation

        • Press-Down Track

          Press-Down Track

          The vacuum suction fixture always keeps still, and the track moves up and down to avoid poor operation caused by loss of flatness during reciprocating movement of the vacuum adsorption fixture

        • Platform-Type Loading & Unloading System

          Platform-Type Loading & Unloading System

          The feeding sequence is automatically sorted, and the operation is completed within the Plasma time limit

          Friendly human-machine interface design

        • Visual System

          Visual System

          Positioning and detection functions

          Inspection before operation to avoid defective incoming materials

          Inspection after operation to prevent batch defects

        Inline Cabinet-Type Visual  Dispensing Solution

        Inline Cabinet-Type Visual Dispensing SolutionGS600MP

        GS600MP is a fully automatic online dispensing platform developed based on the needs of the MEMS industry. It can provide one-stop solutions for on-line ASIC chip encapsulation, precision solder paste coating, and multiple foolproof detection, etc. in the MEMS process . High-quality control of the entire production process is realized.
        The single-station GS-600M can also be selected.
        • Features and Advantages
        • Application Fields
        • Optional Configurations

        fangYield Improvement

            Work positions are inspected before and after operation, and the final station is professionally inspected to achieve multiple fool proof.

        fangFull Automation

            The on-line mode is used to minimize manual intervention.

        fangPrevention of Whole Line Downtime

            Operation/conveyor tracks are separated,so that shutdown of a single machine does not affect the operation of the whole line.

        fangMeeting Information Management Requirements

            Real-time MES system docking, upload of production status information, and system abnormal status alarm.Supporting SECS/GEM semiconductor communication protocol.

        fangMeeting Stringent Engineering Requirements

            Class-100 dustproof design (modeling and simulation, dust-proof components and cables, and gas filtration, etc.). ESD prevention design (in accordance with IEC61340 and ANSI/ESDS20.20 standards).Anti-vibration (mineral frame and good shock absorption to effectively reduce the impact caused by high-speed movement).

        • MEMS microphone
        • MEMS accelerometer
        • MEMS barometer
        • ASIC chip encapsulation
        • Precision solder paste coating
        • Piezoelectric jetting valve
        • Weighing module
        • Automatic loading & unloading system
        • Ultra-precision dispensing controller
        • Auxiliary module for dispensing process
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